​The Mercus Barn | Art & Dialogue are two evolving platforms which seek to spotlight the work and insight of artists, writers, curators and educators. The Mercus Barn space, is situated in the Ariège Pyrénées and ART & DIALOGUE is a London based project.


The Mercus Barn section is principally an archive for exhibitions on site, such as the series titled ‘Eye and Mind’ from 2014-2018. It also serves to record exhibitions held in other locations and in association with networks of artists, writers, curators and gallerists. There is also a complementary curatorial extension called VIRTUAL.

ART & DIALOGUE is a new initiative with the purpose of straddling practice and theory; DIALOGUE aims to profile position and contemplation through the rediscovery and celebration of comment. It is organised into writing and discussion areas and will soon also feature ‘academic writing’ and ‘correspondence’. Please note, ART focuses on practice and is currently in development, to be launched at a later date.

New content for The Mercus Barn | Art & Dialogue will develop organically over time, supported by an inquisitive and flexible editorial outlook; we look forward to watching it unfold.


Editorial for Art & Dialogue

Art & Dialogue is an initiative by Della Gooden and Richard Bell - an ongoing and fluid venture. The editorial team is Richard Bell, Della Gooden, David Saunders.

Curatorial at The Mercus Barn

David Saunders is the owner/director of The Mercus Barn space and oversees all curated projects there. 

Please note:

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Authors of written content will always be consulted on how their work is presented. Authors and curators will be credited on the appropriate pages, next to their work. Image credits will be included (unless images are already the property of The Mercus Barn or they have been provided, courtesy of the artist).