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'Thumb/Rock' by Catherine Ferguson

Reflections on a scene: it's Brittany, 1936 and Eileen Agar sets out to paint her watercolour. Published by Arthouse1, London 2018, for ‘The Secret Life of Stuff’.

‘Transforming Surfaces’ (I-IV) by Della Gooden

Four short introductory texts exploring shift, surface, perception and reality. Published by Arthouse1 London 2018, for 'Transforming Surfaces'.

'Transforming Surfaces' (V-IX) by Della Gooden 

A phenomenological take on work by each artist in the exhibition. Published by Arthouse1 London 2018, for 'Transforming Surfaces'. 

'The Ceremony of Looking’ by Della Gooden

On the art of looking up. Published by Phoenix Art Space, Brighton 2020

for ‘Hard Painting x2’. 

Sharon Hall's paintings by David Saunders

Considerations on the painterly language that informs Sharon's work.

Published by Three Works x3, Scarborough, 2019 for Sharon Hall's solo show.











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