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In 2013, British artists David Saunders and Justin Jones established The Mercus Barn space based in the Ariège Pyrénées. The ‘Eye and Mind’ project (2014-2018) was directed by David Saunders in collaboration with selected artists, writers, musicians, and gallerists. 

Curators for The Mercus Barn exhibitions and associated exhibitions have been:

David Saunders and Justin Jones:

'Eye and Mind' a series of exhibitions at The Mercus Barn 2014-2018.

David Saunders:

Ground, Rules, Paintings: A Quartet at La Galerie Lycée Gabriel Fauré, Foix, 2017.

Richard Bell:

'Transforming Surfaces' at Arthouse1, London, 2018.


Texts and essays by:

David Rhodes:

‘Eye and Mind’ series No.1 catalogue essay.

(Sharon Hall, Sue Kennington, Caroline de Lannoy)

G R Thomson:

‘Eye and Mind’ series No.2 catalogue essay.

(Peter Joseph)

Della Gooden:

‘Transforming Surfaces’ catalogue essays.


Appreciation goes to Dr. Michele Ginoulhiac of the Gallery Association of Ariège and Rebecca Fairman, Director of Arthouse1 London, who so stylishly hosted and facilitated the off-site exhibitions 'Ground, Rules, Paintings: A Quartet', and ‘Transforming Surfaces’ respectively.

Thanks also go to Saturation Point London, for the involvement in the 'Transforming Surfaces' project and for introducing a wider audience to The Mercus Barn projects by publishing a number of interviews and artists' discussions.

Finally, for their continued support and generosity, thanks to the British composer, Michael Parsons, and again, to Dr. Michèle Ginoulhiac, who runs the Gallery Association of Ariège (which includes the Gallery Lycée Gabriel Fauré, an educational annex of Les Abattoirs, the museum of modern art in Toulouse).

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