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At The Mercus Barn


David Saunders

New Paintings 2017 - 2020


'Eye and Mind' (iv) 2016

 Paintings and Studies 

 Richard Bell (solo)

Sue Kennington

'Eye and Mind' (i) 2014

Paintings by Sue Kennington, Sharon Hall,

Caroline de Lannoy


The Mercus Barn Collection 2016

Curated by David Saunders


'Eye and Mind ' (iii) 2015

“Anachromisms” paintings, 2007 - 2015

G R Thomson (solo)

_DS JJ JR pg.jpg

Inaugural Exhibition, 2013

Justin Jones, James Riley, David Saunders

All photos courtesy Justin Jones and the artists


'Eye and Mind' (v) 2018

Estampes et Autres

Matthew Hilton (solo)

PJ 6a jpg.jpg

'Eye and Mind' (ii) 2015

Paintings and Studies 

Peter Joseph (solo)

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