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Keith Richardson-Jones 1925-2005 by G R Thomson

Reflections on the artist and his work. The catalogue essay published by The Redfern Gallery, London 2015, for its retrospective exhibition of 'Keith Richardson-Jones' 1925-2005.

Apertures 0.0 by G R Thomson

An essay on the painting practice of Peter Joseph, first published to coincide with the exhibition: ‘G R Thomson “Anachromisms” 2007-2015’, held at The Mercus Barn, 12 September – 4 October 2015.

A personal tribute to Peter Joseph

by David Saunders, December 2020.

'Reflections in 2020 - living with art' by Sharon Hall

A small painting of the Ponte Vecchio and its resonance for the artist, August 2020.


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